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The History of Bellini Frames

Published On: June 1st, 2020

The history of Bellini frames

Mahoneys Framing is extremely proud to carry over 400 stunning designs from world-renowned frame makers Bellini Fine Moulding. Sculpted and hand-finished in Italy, these artisanal frames are the pinnacle of design and sophistication. So, let’s explore what makes these frames so special…

Italian origins

While the company has design consultants located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania, the home of Bellini Fine Moulding is located in beautiful Naples, Italy. All steps of the manufacturing process used in the company’s factories are based on traditional Italian framing techniques and all frame designs are inspired by and finalised in Italy.

The Bellini magic

Every single step of the frame manufacturing process is carefully planned and implemented. The process begins at design inception, when designers finalise the design for each frame’s moulding. The frame makers use a special paste called ‘gesso’, which is a traditional Italian binding agent made from an animal glue binder, chalk and white pigment.

This paste is mixed and applied to moulding lengths and then sanded manually in order to eliminate inconsistencies. Machinery is then used to apply olive veneer to the raw mould and then is given an outer finish. Strict quality control measures are applied to every step of the process to ensure a consistently flawless finish every time.

Completely customisable framing

Mahoney’s Framing has a direct connection to Bellini Fine Moulding. Once you have found your ideal frame, simply give our team a call. We will let you know the availability status of your chosen Bellini frame and note down your desired dimensions. We will then provide you with a quote for the customisation process and give you an estimated time of completion before sending off the order to Italy.

Picture framing you can trust!

No matter what your taste in frames, our Bellini collection has something for everyone. As a specialist in custom framing Melbourne wide, Mahoneys Framing (in conjunction with Bellini Fine Moulding) have been serving locals for over 40 years. We boast the widest range of frames in the whole of Melbourne and offer a huge range of different finishes to suit your subject and decor.