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How to choose the right picture framing service

Last Modified On February 8th, 2018

Tips on choosing a framer

If you have a valuable work of art or an irreplaceable family photograph that you want to frame, choosing a framer can require placing a lot of trust in them. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you carry out some research when choosing the right person to frame your art or photograph.

You want a framer who has respect for the time and effort put into your work of art, which in turn should be reflected in the care and attention they dedicate to the task of framing. With so many framers around now, choosing the right one can seem daunting but don’t panic. We’re here to talk you through what you should be looking for when it comes to choosing the perfect framer for you.



An important place to start is by checking out framers that have the relevant experience. Ensure that the person is an expert in their field. The more experience they have, the more likely they will have perfected their trade by now. They will have seen and framed it all meaning your art work will be no different. This experience will also come with an established reputation meaning you’ll know whether the framer has learnt from their experience and used it to perfect their abilities.

For example, at Mahoneys Framing our framer Greg has over forty years of experience. This experience has led to him becoming an award-winning expert in his field. With many accolades and local recognition, the fact that Mahoneys Framing has thousands of loyal customers who always return every time for their framing needs showcases that with valuable experience you can be guaranteed quality.



Having this experience also means having the appropriate knowledge. Simply put, you wouldn’t go to a dentist to take care of a broken arm; the same way you shouldn’t go to a large department store to obtain a ready-made frame for valuable works of art. Going to the experts means they have detailed and precise knowledge on what you need. You do not need vagueness when it comes to works of art that are irreplaceable or have high value. You want someone who is clear-cut in and decisive in what they do and can give you the necessary advice to ensure you are confident that you are making the correct choice for you.


That’s because having knowledge of framing goes beyond just knowing what frame will look best. An expert framer can advise you on what type of glass you should be using based on where it will hang and the protection and clarity you want for your image. They can also advise you on backing options and can speak to you about using acid-free materials in order to preserve your image and minimise any potential damage.




The great thing about the internet is that it has never been easier to see genuine reviews from fellow customers. Most framers have an online presence now, whether that’s with their own website, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. A framers website will tend to feature only favourable reviews in an attempt to advertise their services so it may not be the best place to start. Stick with independent sources, look to the company’s Facebook or Google the framer and see genuine reviews instead. Google in particular tends to be the least biased as these reviews come from real customers who felt strongly enough to leave a review.

And, it might seem silly to say, but actually read the reviews. If the framer went above and beyond to recommend something the customer may not have originally thought of, then that may sound like a framer you’d be happy to work with. But a five-star review may be because the customer received a great ready-made frame, which isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for. Have a read through the reviews and you’ll usually start to see a common theme. Whether that’s because of the framers customer service skills, or their attention to detail or just that their shop is in a great location. Whatever it is, this will help you to secure a framer that provides what you’re looking for.

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So in the end, experience, knowledge and great reviews are the three things that will help you to find the perfect framer. Don’t entrust your works of art and precious photographs to just anyone. Having options when it comes to framing services is a good thing and doing valuable research means you can avoid disappointment and instead have a gorgeous, high quality frame that will compliment your artwork perfectly.

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