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How to choose a frame type for picture framing

Published On: June 1st, 2020

How to choose a frame type for picture framing

Choosing a frame for picture framing is a skill that can enhance the look of any artwork or image. Picture frames, particularly large picture frames, should always be fit by an expert, as a novice can easily make errors in frame selection that can lessen the chances of the artwork becoming as visually appealing as it could be.

Some of the factors that need to be carefully considered when choosing a frame’s colour include:

Where the attention is drawn

A common mistake that people make when selecting a picture frame is choosing one that draws visual attention away from the actual artwork. A picture frame should appear as though it is part of the artwork, and not overshadowing it, which is why a frame’s colour is one of the most vital aspects to consider when selecting a frame.

The tone of the artwork for picture framing

People are often attracted to a frame that matches the tones and shades of the artwork or picture. However, choosing a frame with similar tones to the entire piece can confuse the artwork palette.

The type of frame

Matte coloured picture frames are a popular frame choice as they provide a clean and bold border which won’t confuse or overpower the artwork. Once a frame type (matte, shiny, textured) has been decided upon, the most important aspect must be realised – the colour of the frame.

The colour of the frame

Contrary to popular belief, dark frames do not make a picture appear lighter, nor do light frames make a picture appear darker, both options will only intensify the colours of the actual artwork.

The best frames will match the tone of the background or largest area in the artwork or picture. Hues of the picture frame should coordinate with tones in the artwork, yet not blend completely.

The colour of the frame should match the dominant shades of the picture or artwork, meaning that lighter images need a lighter frame and darker images require a darker frame.

The best way to select the perfect picture frame for any artwork is to speak to an expert. The trained specialists at Mahoney’s Framing in Melbourne live and breathe custom framing.

As mavens in colour matching, the team are able to identify dominant tones in pictures or artworks and fit the perfect frame to ensure the artwork isn’t just hung as a piece of art, it is hung as a perfect masterpiece.

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