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Key tips when framing artwork for your home

Published On: June 1st, 2020

Key tips when framing artwork for your home

If you’ve purchased artwork to decorate your home before, you may be all too aware of how daunting the framing process can be. It’s important to honour the artwork by ensuring the frame really showcases the piece. The decisions that you make when selecting a frame can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of your artwork once it’s on your wall. To make the right choices about the framing style, texture, colour and material, consider the following essential tips:

Decide on the type of frame

Whether it’s an L shape frame (free-standing without a border), a box frame (the side of the frame is larger or wider than the top) or a gallery frame, this decision can be based on your personal choice.

Importantly, the frame colour you choose will impact your artwork. A basic white will bring a fresh, crisp feel to the print, whereas a black frame will provide stronger contrast and is quite striking on the eye. So which colour should you choose? This depends on the artwork itself and your home interior. If the print has dark colours and there are elements of black in the interior design of the room, a black frame would be very complimentary. For slightly less contrast, a black timber frame would work quite well and add aesthetic value to your artwork.

Choosing the type of glass

At Mahoneys Framing in Melbourne, our quality custom framers will help you choose from a range of glass for your artwork. These options include UV protection conservation glass, clear glass, matte (non-glare) and acrylic glass. If the room you’ll be hanging the framed artwork in is quite light, conservation glass is a good option. This type of glass will prevent your artwork from fading, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

When framing, consider making use of a mat board. A mat board is a paper-based material that sits underneath your artwork when it’s framed. Appearing as a simple border within the frame, this is a lovely detail that can easily enhance any print. You can choose any colour to complement the print and frame as well. Often, a mat border adds a slick, professional finishing touch to your artwork, leaving the room you choose to hang it in looking and feeling fresh, with a sense of comfort and warmth – exactly what a beautifully framed piece of artwork should do!


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