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Expert Advice on Hanging Picture Frames

Mahoneys Framing has specialist knowledge in hanging picture frames, with over forty years of framing experience. Professional picture framers can be expensive for something you might think would be easy to do on your own. If you are hanging your picture frame yourself, we have a few tips to make sure that you hang your picture in the best place with the right materials.

What to Consider When Hanging Picture Frames?

Placement of Your Frame

Which Adhesives Match Your Wall Material

What Tools Are Best Suited for Your Frame

Whether to Hang Multiple Frames

Framing Inspiration

Mahoneys Framing Process


Step One

The first step to finding your perfect frame is visiting our store, or email us with the size of your image and any other requirements you have.


Our framer, Greg Mahoney, will assist you to design a frame that specifically suits your image. You can have as much or as little input in the process as you desire. We only use the best materials available to preserve your photos, as well as create a unique visual display.


We will also walk you through any additional options to enhance your artwork. You have the options to choose your mat board size and colour, glass type and core backing.


Your frame will be made for you at our factory in Melbourne CBD. This process usually takes 3-5 days. Above all, our framing craftsmanship ensures that your photos will be lifelong treasures. In addition, we only use acid free products that help prevent your image from deteriorating over time.


Your frame will be ready for collection from our store, otherwise we can deliver it straight to your home or office. Your framed image or artwork will arrive complete, with a hanging cord attached. This means that it will be ready to hang and you can attach it to your walls as soon as it arrives.

Interested in Our Services?

Visit Mahoneys Framing in Melbourne or contact us to find out more about our services. Our founder, Greg Mahoney, will design a frame to suit your individual tastes and requirements.

Frame Collection of the Month

Our Tasmanian Oak collection is one of our most popular ranges. It features earthy tones and resilient natural timbers, making it an ideal everyday frame that can be adapted to multiple interiors.

The collection features eighteen styles. This includes width options of 2cm, 4cm and 6cm. The oak based finish of this range also comes in varieties of tan, mocha, beige and dark beige. In addition, these frames are sourced from sustainable Australian forests, making them environmentally friendly

Where Is the Best Place to Hang Your Frame?

As a rule of thumb, we suggest hanging your framed pictures at eye level. Ideally, you should hang the artwork so the middle of the frame is 150cm from the floor. This is because 150cm is the average sightline for most people. If the middle of the frame is not centred, then make sure it is at least balanced with its surroundings. There is also a useful spirit level app, ihandi, available on iTunes.

In the case that you are hanging a group of pictures, hang the centre of the grouping at 150cm. If you are hanging several pictures, the largest frame is normally best suited to be in the centre, or at the centre bottom.

You should avoid hanging picture frames in direct sunlight because this could damage the piece. If your artwork is small, try not to hang it in a large space as it will get lost in the space of the wider room.

Why Choose Mahoneys for Your Framing Needs?

Extensive and High
Quality Frames

Printing and Framing
at Once

Total Satisfaction

Photo Restoration

How Should You Hang Your Frame?

Consider Your Walls When Hanging Picture Frames

If you are hanging a small frame, then one nail or an adhesive hook should work fine. For medium-sized prints, you should use two nails or hooks ideally for extra security. If you want your picture to be extra secure, use screws instead of nails, because these generally have more hanging power.

If your walls are brick, hammer in a plastic wall plug or expansion spaghetti to insert the screw. Otherwise, if you have timber panelling, you can use a nail, screw or picture hook.

If you have plaster walls, the best method is to find a stud where you can securely anchor the wall hook with a hollow wall anchor or toggle. To find an anchor, knock your knuckles along the wall until you find a solid backing.

In the case that you are hanging a canvas or frame that you want to stop your frame from tilting forward, it might be a good idea to purchase a flush mount wall hanging kit.

Our Featured Framing Project

Commercial Framing and Printing for WeWork

Mahoneys Framing has provided art framing services for businesses in the Melbourne district for over forty years. Above all, we pride ourselves on servicing a wide range of clients. This ranges from companies, galleries, artists to photographers. We were recently asked to complete framing services for renowned company WeWork. They are a community driven business with worldwide services.

Mahoneys Framing completed printing and framing for 15 of WeWork’s images. This was an urgent request, which was put in only days before their opening launch on Bourke St. After printing, we carefully framed each of these 100cmx100cm prints with our Tasmanian Oak range.

We are proud that our effort has been recognised by WeWork, who say that they “could not recommend Greg and his team from Mahoneys Framing more highly.” WeWork also invites anyone who is interested in our services to browse the framing work at their company in Bourke St. So, drop in now and be inspired.

Contact Mahoneys Framing Now

If you are still looking for the perfect frame, browse our online frames catalogue now or come into our Melbourne store to browse the frames in person. If you have any further questions or need expert advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at any time by calling 0396421095 or emailing info@mahoneysframing.com.au.