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Limited edition print gallery in Melbourne We are art and picture framing specialists. We are an established business with over 35 years of experience, dedicated to providing a quality service, efficiently and conveniently. We have over 1000 framing samples to choose from, ranging from contemporary to traditional styles. Our staff are experienced in all facets of picture framing and we offer in-house consulting if you require anything from framed prints to original artworks.


We have an excellent collection of original limited edition prints by some of Australia’s leading artists. Limited edition prints are a marvellous addition to any room and can be excellent investment, as many are now out of edition. An original print is an image produced from a block, plate, stone or similar on which the artist who conceived that image has worked. Every image of an original print is an original work of art in its own right. The choice made by the artist to produce this image in ‘print’ does not differ from the choice to work in oil or any other medium. The only difference in prints lies in the possibility of producing a number of identical images. Each one is an original work by the artist in collaboration with the printmaker and publisher.


Woodcuts & Linocuts This is the oldest known print method and probably the one most familiar to people. In Woodcuts, the design is drawn onto a flat block of smooth plywood or hard wood or in the case of a Linocut, on heavy-duty linoleum.The surface around the lines or area of the design are cut or chiselled away, leaving the design in high relief. The block is inked, the paper is then placed over it and pressure applied. This transfers the image o