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Limited edition print gallery in Melbourne We are art and picture framing specialists. We are an established business with over 35 years of experience, dedicated to providing a quality service, efficiently and conveniently. We have over 1000 framing samples to choose from, ranging from contemporary to traditional styles. Our staff are experienced in all facets of picture framing and we offer in-house consulting if you require anything from framed prints to original artworks.


We have an excellent collection of original limited edition prints by some of Australia’s leading artists. Limited edition prints are a marvellous addition to any room and can be excellent investment, as many are now out of edition. An original print is an image produced from a block, plate, stone or similar on which the artist who conceived that image has worked. Every image of an original print is an original work of art in its own right. The choice made by the artist to produce this image in ‘print’ does not differ from the choice to work in oil or any other medium. The only difference in prints lies in the possibility of producing a number of identical images. Each one is an original work by the artist in collaboration with the printmaker and publisher.


Woodcuts & Linocuts This is the oldest known print method and probably the one most familiar to people. In Woodcuts, the design is drawn onto a flat block of smooth plywood or hard wood or in the case of a Linocut, on heavy-duty linoleum.The surface around the lines or area of the design are cut or chiselled away, leaving the design in high relief. The block is inked, the paper is then placed over it and pressure applied. This transfers the image onto the paper.

Collograph Printed in a relief the image stands out from the background appearing more three dimensional than other mediums. Textured printing surfaces are created by applying objects such as wire, buttons, sticks etc or by engraving into the surface creating a sense of depth. Lithographs Prints drawn on the surface. Lithography is based on a chemical principal that oil and grease do not mix with water. On a special type of stone the image is drawn with a greasy crayon, or with a brush and specially prepared ink. An ink roller is then passed over the surface. Ink is accepted by the grease image and simultaneously repelled by the indrawn areas of the stone.

Linear and tonal values of great range and subtly characterise lithographs. Screen prints Various stencils are printed over each other. They are fixed upon separate screens of fine nylon stretched tautly over wooden frames. Each separate frame is an individual printing unit. Ink is introduced at the end of the frame and is forced (by a squeegee) through the ‘open’ areas, across the screen onto a sheet of paper placed directly under the screen. Those areas of the stencil left ‘open’ are the areas to be printed.


A metal plate is coated with an acid-resisting material called ‘ground’. The artist draws their design on the ground with a sharp needle, which removes the ground wherever the needle touches it. When the plate is put in an acid bath, the exposed parts are etched (or eaten away). This produces the sunken lines that receive or hold the ink for printing. The plate is then wiped clean, leaving the ink in the sunken areas. The plate in contact with the dampened paper, is passed through a roller press. This forces the paper in the sunken areas to receive the ink, thereby forming the art image on the paper. Engravings The artist cuts the design into a copper plate with a steel ‘burin’ or ‘graver’. The surface of the plate is then cleaned and polished, and ink rubbed into the incised lines. A dampened sheet of paper is placed over the plate and then it is run through a roller press. We have an extensive collection of catalogued prints, ranging from contemporary images to timeless classics. With over 50 catalogues available for loan at any time, you are assured of finding the right artwork to reflect your image and needs.

We have access to the latest release prints from America and Europe, as well as Australian classics. We also provide on-site consultancy for businesses requiring office fit outs. We provide advice and guidance on the prints that would best enhance your work environment. With over 1000 mouldings to choose from, there is really no limit to the style of artwork that can be framed. We have experienced staff who can assist you with all your framing needs, whether you require framing for a simple certificate or an original artwork. Frames vary from simple modern slim line aluminium frames to handmade ornate gold frames. We offer a large range of timberframes from the more traditional birdseye timber to gallery style box frames. We also offer a full service of canvas stretching for any sized artwork.


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Mahoneys Framing has been providing quality picture framing in Melbourne City for over 35 years.

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