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Mahoneys Newest Frames for Summer

Our newest frames range from timeless classics to stunning contemporary styles.

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High Quality, Wide Ranging and Versatile 

We have recently added three new ranges to our collection: The Australian Oak collection, Leatherette collection and Bellini range. You will find exactly what you are looking for with these diverse styles. Above all, these ranges have been carefully selected for their high quality and durability.

Australian Oak Collection 

The earthy Australian Oak collection is made from 100% Australian grown timber and features an authentic appearance. It has a Scandinavian inspired style that matches a variety of decors. With a minimalist finish, it is also highly versatile and adaptable to a range of interiors.

In addition, the Australian Oak collection comes in 15 different style options to match specific framing needs. Sourced from sustainable forests, this collection is also environmentally friendly.

Bellini Range 

Want to add some sophistication to your home? Another new framing option is our Bellini collection, which is renowned for it’s luxury. This range is hand-made in Italy and inspired by classical history. In particular, we have added five new styles under the Bellini range that are certain to add elegance and depth to any room.

The first is the Dutch Ripple, featuring a black rippled pattern that is made entirely by hand. The finish for the Dutch Ripple is created using a combination of black and mahogany based colours with natural bee wax. This range is the perfect match for any artworks with a classical feel, such as oil paintings or portraiture. Gold and silver fillets are also available to enhance the appearance of the frame.

Secondly is the Guillochet frame range. This collection features overlapping shapes and patterns used in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, bringing a timeless style. The Epoque range is similarly inspired by historical techniques by using designs inspired by the romantic nineteenth century. If you want to feature femininity and softness in your home, then browse this style now.

Fourthly, the Baroque range incorporates bold curves and contrasting shades by using complex hand-finishing techniques.

Or, if you are looking for a design that is elegant while also adaptable, then our Prestigo range is for you. This style brings a luxurious feel by using a gold and silver chabin. Above all, the high flexibility of this style can be used to add a classic design and softness to any room.

Leatherette Picture Frame 

Or, add contemporary style to your home with our leatherette picture frames.  This range is available in two enduring finishes, bringing ageless style to any type of décor. If you want an edgy and stand out addition for your home, then the crushed leather finish of these frames will be the ideal match for you.

Browse Our Newest Frames Now 

Our passion towards high quality frames has resulted in a unique and carefully refined selection. With our wide range, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. We will have an ideal option for you, no matter what type of art or object you are looking to frame.

Like the sound of our new ranges? Take a browse of our store catalogue now to find the perfect frame for your home. Otherwise, you are welcome to come into our Melbourne store and browse the collections in person. Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you with any further questions you might have.

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