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How To Choose Art & Frames For Your Office

Last Modified On February 8th, 2018

Did you know that an office frame and artwork is proven to boost staff productivity? It has been found that staff who work in enriched offices, either featuring art or plants, complete their work tasks 17% quicker than those who do not. On top of this, a study by Cass Business School also found that male (64%) and female (73%) respondents found that the design of their office affects their working day.  

By creating a welcome space, workers are more likely to be retained while also increasing their productivity. At a time when branding is more important than ever, wall art and framing can also reinforce a particular atmosphere for the company.

What are The Best Types of Art & Frames for the Office? 

First of all, it is important to think about the impact office decor will have on visitors. It’s critical that the artwork you hang delivers the right message. For example, a pop art piece would look perfect for creative industries, but completely out of place for conservative businesses, such as legal services.

We have compiled a short summary of our three favourite styles of artwork for the workplace, which can suit distinctly different office atmospheres.


Bright, bold and contemporary 

We suggest hanging this type of art for any workspaces that are young, creative and vibrant. These pieces will add energy and character to your office, as well as branding your company as innovative and visionary. If you are still looking for the perfect energetic artwork for your workspace, have a look at our contemporary prints online.

For bright and bold artworks, we suggest frames that are simple and clean so that they do not overwhelm the artwork. In particular, aim for sleek designs that are not fussy. We would suggest taking a look at our Tasmanian Oak collection or the more simple Bellini designs, such as the Waterguild.


Eye catching photography 

Photography can be great to add character to a professional space. Hanging photography pieces can be an amiable, interesting and easy addition to any type of workspace. We have a range of photographic prints to suit the branding and atmosphere of your company, ranging from nature, animals, portraiture and surrealism.

The type of frame you use for photography pieces depends on the context of the image and the colours it uses. We think that a simple frame with a wide matboard is always a safe choice for photography pieces.


Traditional artworks 

Hanging reproductions of renowned artists, like Monet or Van Gogh, can add familiarity to your workplace. Most people know these artists, so your clients will be able to connect with these artworks while also bringing character to your workspace. We feature a range of traditional art prints online.

We suggest adorning your traditional piece with a detailed and classic frames. For some inspiration, have a look at our Dutch Ripple and Guillochet range as part of our Bellini collection.

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