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Award Winning Picture Framing Store

Last Modified On February 8th, 2018

Lord Mayor’s Commendations


Mahoneys Framing are Melbourne City Council’s 2017 Gold Recipient

This year as Mahoneys Framing enters its 40th year in business, we are pleased to announce that we will be the 2017 Gold Recipient in the Lord Mayor’s Commendations. Presented by Lord Mayor Robert Doyle in August this year, Mahoneys Framing is being recognised for its contributions as a small business to the city of Melbourne.

The Lord Mayor’s Commendations program has provided a platform for Melbourne to recognise some of the hidden gems, well-loved characters and small businesses that are part of our city’s fabric. At a presentation ceremony that will take place in August this year, the Lord Mayor will present the award and give recipients the opportunity to socialise and celebrate their achievement. Small businesses contribute to Melbourne’s economic prosperity and liveability and that’s why this year we are extremely proud to be added to the list of alumni of commendation recipients and have our contribution to the city of Melbourne acknowledged with this award.

Mahoneys has a proud history originating in 1977 when Greg Mahoney decided at age 25 to open his first store in Geelong. With no capital and little expertise, Greg worked hard and learned through experience to become Melbourne’s leading expert in customised framing.

Since then Mahoneys has grown. It now occupies a space in Hardware Lane, one of the first businesses to do so, and its clientele has grown too. It includes leading Melbourne art galleries, photographers, interior designers and corporate clients. Offering only the best materials sourced from around the world, Mahoneys has established a reputation for quality and variety.

This continued growth over the years is what has allowed Mahoneys Framing to adapt to changing circumstances and consumer trends. By expanding our services to include photo restoration and corporate solutions we have been able to widen the number of customers we work with and satisfy. On top of this, we have developed an online presence with the launch of our website, as well as with the launch of Picture Frames Online. Our newest project is the launch of Mahoneys Prints Online, and online service that allows you to buy wall art prints of varying styles and designs and frame these prints in our custom-made frames.

As Greg says, “Over the years there have been many challenges and in particular over the last 4-5 years. The shopping habits of our customers has changed significantly. However, we have continued to evolve with the launch of Mahoneys Frames Online and the soon to launch, Mahoneys Prints Online. We are very excited about our future as we can now service clients Australia wide.”

Owner Greg will be collecting this award for Mahoneys Framing at a ceremony held in late September. It’ll be the second time he has collected an award from the Lord Mayor for his contribution to Melbourne. After working for many years as President of the Hardware Precinct Association, he received the inaugural Melbourne award in recognition of his work in turning Hardware Lane into what it is today; a bustling retail haven that personifies Melbourne’s laneway culture. He can now proudly add the 2017 Gold Recipient award to his accolades.

The ability to update, adapt and grow is what has allowed Mahoneys Framing to thrive over the 40 years we have been in business. The quality of our products, alongside great customer service and honest, meaningful advice, means customers remain loyal to us and recommend us to their friends. As a business in Melbourne, we are proud to work within our community and play a part in our great city.

Here at Mahoneys Framing we are looking to the next 40 years in business with the knowledge that we have an exciting future ahead of us. Being a member of the community has always been incredibly important to us and the future will see a continuation of working with local charities, organisations and individuals to contribute to the city. Alongside this, Mahoneys Framing continues to grow and adapt from “just” a picture framing store, to much more. As we accept the Lord Mayor’s commendation and enter into another year of picture framing in Melbourne, Mahoneys will remain an important part of the community and continue to work to satisfy all of our customers.


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