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Mahoneys Framing picture frame wall display

Photos, Prints and Artwork

Quality framing of Pictures, Prints & Artwork in Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s leading custom framer and we deliver the highest level of framing expertise with a large variety of frames that are of the finest quality and environmentally friendly. Mahoneys Framing in Melbourne offer:

  • An extensive range of framing services
  • Custom made frames & stylish design
  • Affordable prices
  • Premium quality frames

Call Mahoneys Framing on (03) 9642 1148 today or leave us your details and we will contact you with more information about having your Artwork framed. Mahoneys Custom Framing Process is simple. Bring in your artwork or photos and Melbourne’s most experienced framers will be on hand to assist you to design the perfect frame to your style and within budget requirements.

Our Custom Framing Design Process

1. One of our consultants will narrow down the best 3-5 options as per your needs and tastes
2. Once your frame package has been selected, your artwork will go through the sophisticated picture framing process it deserves. We cut your mat, make the frame and put your artwork together keeping in mind every minute detail.
3. When it passes inspection, your artwork is delivered from our factory to Mahoneys Framing in Melbourne City where it is then reviewed by your original frame consultant. When you come to pick it up your picture framing, you won’t just get a hanging kit, you get hanging advice, or we can install it for you. But we are not off the hook yet. If you’re not thrilled when you get it home, we want to know about it. If it is sitting right, you will have beautiful framing to last a lifetime.

Advantages of Custom Framing your Artwork

Custom frame  
As the premium provider of quality picture framing in Melbourne, we deliver high quality and affordable photograph framing, certificate framing, memorabilia framing and block mounting to our Melbourne clientèle.

To learn more about the advantages of custom framing please read our blog entry.

What makes Mahoneys Framing a stand out framer?

mahoneys framing melbourne store  

Visit Mahoneys Framing in Melbourne or contact us to find out more about our services and have one of our consultants design a frame to suit your individual tastes and requirements.

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