Black Custom Picture Frame for Old Italian Black and White Pictures


Long before pictures were captured in full vivid colours, they did first in monochromatic tones like black and white pictures. While today’s photography only takes a few seconds to capture an image, taking good photos a few decades ago was not as easy as it is today. Vintage photographs took several hours in the making just to get that unique shot to be captured.

That is why if you are holding an old photograph like a vintage Italian black and white picture, print, or artwork, upholding its value through custom framing is the best way to prolong its life and preserve your piece.

Our Recommendation

Unlike ready-made frames with a set of designs that limit you from exploring and showcasing your creativity, custom framing allows you to pick the design that matches your style and space, the mat board option you prefer to incorporate, and other custom framing features like conservation glass and customised plaques.

Vintage black and white photographs have set the bar for art photography in today’s digital era. Without the colours, the details and emotions of the subject are more interpretative. That is why finding the best picture frame to match those stunning works of art is quite tricky.

Our recommendation is to stick with contemporary, elegant, and uniquely designed custom frames that can make a statement, like black picture frames, which have always been famous for black and white pictures. White picture frames are also excellent for achieving a more symmetrical and uniform look.

Black picture frames fit tastefully into most interior designs as it gives a perfect contrast to lighter shades and highlights darker features of your black and white pictures. White picture frames, on the other hand, are ideal for effortlessly capturing all the attention of viewers and emphasizing certain details in your artwork.

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