Black Picture Frames


Vienna – Black

Product Code: A53601
Type: Picture Frame
Style: Contemporary


Marquis – Black

Product Code: A53401
Type: Box Frame
Style: Contemporary


Sigaro – Black Burl

Product Code: AI91101
Type: Picture Frame
Style: Italian Classics, Traditional


Calais – Black / Gold

Product Code: A21303
Type: Picture Frame
Style: Contemporary


Lyric – Black / Gold

Product Code: A101003
Type: Picture Frame
Style: Ornate


Lorient – Ornate Black

Product Code: A84503
Type: Picture Frame
Style: Embossed, Traditional, Ornate

Black is a very powerful colour that symbolizes luxury and elegance. Black can make a strong statement when it comes to interior designing. Not only are black picture frames a powerful change from the traditional white frames, but they are also a stylish choice that transforms your space.
Styling with Black Picture Frames
One very important rule of thumb is making the frame fit the style of the artwork and the background it goes in. There are a number of ways to style with black picture frames. For an instance, opting for a collage frame utilizes the space and crafts a great way to display memorabilia. Black picture frames can be paired with the high contrast and darker background pictures, say for example the black and white pictures which never go out of style.

At Mahoneys Framing, a very large variety of black frames are offered for you to select from. We can provide you with a versatile, clean and classic type or a slim, contemporary and sleek style.

Wall Decorating with Black Picture Frames
Black picture frames provide you with a unique way of defining your personal space making it a fantastic choice when it comes to imaginative wall decorations.
Black photo frames work well with nearly all artworks and photographs. They complement different shades of silver, gold and other natural colours. Black picture frames are also perfect for framing a special document as it is simple yet elegant.

Black frames match well with a dark wall and even dark furniture, showing a visually strong vibe. On the inside of your homes, black frames help develop a contrast with white or light-coloured cabinets.

Black picture frames are the best choice in wall decoration if you want to achieve a timeless and classy appearance. They have the optical charm that has the perfect blend of modern class and industrial look.

Custom Picture Framing
You can always turn your memories into an artful photo display at your home, or you can flaunt your achievements in the comforts of your offices. You can also look back at the history of your town in a gallery, or just reminisce a very important moment frozen in time. Whether it is for personal, professional and even for business use – we make sure to help you attain your dream wall, because at Mahoneys Framing- customizing is our thing.

Behind Mahoneys Framing is a qualified team of framers, artists and professionals that can help and guide you in achieving your perfect masterpiece. We understand that choosing the perfect fit can be difficult for you that’s why we offer custom made frames and a wide array of designs for you to choose from.

Our custom picture framing is not just limited to pictures but we also provide exceptional custom picture framing for your art prints, canvas, posters, memorabilia, puzzles, paintings, drawings, certificates and even your well-loved jerseys and needlework! You don’t have to worry because we also cater non-standard sizes and even large sizes. We provide great services when it comes to customizing your own frames according to your own liking. Come and visit us at 391 Little Bourke Street (corner of Hardware Lane and Little Bourke Street), Melbourne to experience the best possible framing service. Our custom framers and experienced staff are excited to deliver framing solutions just for you.

Need a framing advice?
Framing is not just a service but it is also an art that requires a skill. Selecting the right frame is very important, it can either enhance a masterpiece or ruin your treasured artwork. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing the right frame. While your individual tastes play a major role to the framing choices that you make, getting a framing advice from the finest framer in town will enhance your artworks even more. At Mahoneys Framing, our Master Framer and owner Greg Mahoney is always ready to talk to you.

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