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Photo Restoration

We now offer full photo restoration and repair of faded or damaged photographs. Wear and tear can damage the most previous of memories and irreplaceable photographs. That is why we offer a service that can repair anything from discolouration, to creases and cracks, to mould and water damage.

We put the uttermost effort and care into our services because we know how disheartening it is when a treasured image gets damaged. We will consult with you throughout the process, so that we know exactly what you want.


The process is simple. You can either bring your treasured photos into our store, or upload your image as a digital file through email. Then, we will create a high resolution image of the repaired photo available for you to download. And, we can also print the image on archival paper for you to admire for years to come.

What are the benefits of photo restoration?

  • Repair photos of your loved ones to treasure for life
  • Create a clearer and better display of damaged photos
  • Modernise old photographs
  • Prepare photos with clearer quality for framing

If you like, you can drop into our store at Level 1, 66 Hardware Lane Melbourne CBD. This way, you can scan your image with our high definition scanner and we can give you a quote in person. Otherwise, simply scan your image and email it through to for a quote.

You can also protect your restored photo in the future through our framing services. This way, you can make sure your treasured image is preserved for many years to come. We use high quality materials and archival quality glass to make sure that your image is highly protected. If you’re interested in this service too, then view our picture frames catalogue now or read further about choosing the right frame.