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Specialist framer since 1977

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Hi there,

Pleased to meet you.

Up the stairs is where you’ll find me and a framing experience unlike anything else.

Finding the perfect frame involves a mix of science and magic. It’s an artform that’s consumed me for over 40 years.

For you, it might involve a bit of nerves. After all, framing something special can be daunting. But you’ll feel right at ease here.

Here, you’ll get to truly share your stories and the sentimental value behind your items. Then I’ll help guide you through every stage of the framing process.

I’ve framed everything imaginable for thousands of loyal customers from leading art galleries, interior designers, photographers, corporate clients and the general public. Projects have become stories I’ll never forget. Customers have become friends for life.


Our Master Framer Greg Mahoney has had some big career highlights. 

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“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

– Walt disney

Thank you Elvis


I was born and bred in Geelong. I came of age in the army, became a billiards champion in university and found my love for groovin’ in disco clubs. Working briefly in public service made me realise I needed to walk my own path. It was 1977 and I was young and restless.The picture framer seed was planted when I was helping out at a friend’s photography studio. At the time, getting something framed by the local framer took 3-4 weeks so we bought parts and assembled them ourselves. I fell in love with framing right away.I sold my silver Celica for $2000 and with another $4000 loan from the bank, Mahoneys Framing was born, my own little humble framing and print shop in Geelong.My first big break came when Elvis left the building for the last time. I was a huge fan and managed to get the exclusive rights to the iconic Elvis mirrors in Geelong. I sold hundreds of them. God bless Elvis…

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391 Little Bourke Street (corner of Hardware Lane), Melbourne VIC 3000

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