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Melbourne's Leading Tapestry Framing Service

With over forty years of experience, we have have made tapestry framing easier than ever. Over the decades, we have developed our services to meet every customer need. After servicing leading artists, galleries and photographers, our dedication has been recognised by being awarded the inaugural Melbourne award by Lord Mayor So for our services to the community.

Why Get Your Tapestry Piece Framed?

Showcase Your Hard Work and Dedication

Protection from Insects and Bugs

Stops Sun Damage and Fading

Protection from Dust and Dirt

Tapestry Framing Inspiration

Mahoneys Framing Process


Step One

The first step to finding your perfect frame is visiting our store, or email us with the size of your piece and any other requirements you have.


Our framer, Greg Mahoney, will assist you to design a frame that specifically suits your tapestry piece. You can have as much or as little input in the process as you desire. We only use the best materials available to preserve your work, as well as create a unique visual display.


We will also walk you through any additional options to enhance your work. You have the options to choose your mat board size and colour, glass type and core backing.


Your frame will be made for you at our factory in Melbourne CBD. This process usually takes 3-5 days. Above all, our framing craftsmanship ensures that your piece will be a lifelong treasure. In addition, we only use acid free products that help prevent your work from deteriorating over time.


Your frame will be ready for collection from our store, otherwise we can deliver it straight to your home or office. Your piece will arrive complete, with a hanging cord attached. This means that it will be ready to hang and you can attach it to your walls as soon as it arrives.

Interested in Our Services?

Visit Mahoneys Framing in Melbourne or contact us to find out more about our services. Our founder, Greg Mahoney, will design a frame to suit your individual tastes and requirements.

Frame Collection of the Month

Our Tasmanian Oak collection is one of our most popular ranges. It features earthy tones and natural timbers, making it an ideal everyday frame that can be adapted to multiple interiors.

The collection features eighteen styles. This includes width options of 2cm, 4cm and 6cm. The oak based finish of this range also comes in varieties of tan, mocha, beige and dark beige. In addition, these frames are environmentally friendly and sourced from sustainable Australian forests.

We Have Specialist Knowledge and Extensive Experience 

Our top priority has been making the tapestry framing process as simple as possible for our customers. We have provided framing services for a range of customers and framed a variety of pieces. As well as artwork and photography, we also provide services for a range of other types of objects. This includes significant experience in tapestry framing, giving us expert knowledge with these pieces.

Above all, our staff have a real love for what they do. As a result, we go above and beyond to provide the highest quality service possible. We have also carefully sourced stunning frames from around the world. This way, you are certain to get the perfect match for any type of framed object.

It’s simpler than ever to get your tapestry work framed. And, you get to choose exactly what you want at every step of the way. You have the ability to choose your frame, backing, mat board and glass type. While we have made it easier than ever, we have also given you the option to choose exactly what you want at each and every stage.

Our quick turn around time of approximately a week means that you won’t be waiting long, either. Be proud of your hard work and add style to your home by hanging your tapestry piece through Mahoneys Framing.

Why Choose Mahoneys for Your Tapestry Framing Needs?

Extensive and High
Quality Frames

Printing and Framing
at Once

Total Satisfaction

Photo Restoration

Mahoneys Provides the Best Quality Materials Available

Ensure Preservation of Your Piece Through Tapestry Framing

Above all, we understand how important these items are to you. Our expert picture framers are dedicated to providing the highest level of protection for your tapestry pieces. We will design a frame to suit your taste and budget, while guaranteeing longevity of your hard work. To protect your tapestry, we stretch the work firmly over the backing board to preserve the piece from any damage.

You will find exactly what you are looking for with our wide range. Our collection features over 1000 frames and 60 mat boards. We also feature high quality and exclusive collections, such as the Bellini range, which are only available through Mahoneys. In addition, all our frames are sourced from sustainable forests and are environmentally friendly.

We also provide a high quality range of glass with Ultra Violet (UV) resistance to protect your tapestry from fading. If your tapestry piece is going to be shipped, then we offer high quality alternatives to glass that also feature Ultra Violet (UV) resistance. On top of this, our mat boards are all acid free to prevent your fabrics from discolouring.

If you are in need of some tapestry framing inspiration, take a browse of our recent work on our framing showcase reel.

Our Featured Framing Project

Corporate Framing and Printing for WeWork

Mahoneys Framing has provided art framing services for businesses around Melbourne for over forty years. Above all, we pride ourselves on servicing a wide range of clients. This ranges from companies, galleries, artists to photographers. Recently, we were asked to complete framing services for renowned company WeWork. They are a community driven business with worldwide services.

Mahoneys Framing completed printing and framing for 15 of WeWork’s images. This was an urgent request, which was put in only days before their opening launch on Bourke St. After printing, we carefully framed each of these 100cmx100cm prints with our Tasmanian Oak range.

We are proud that our effort has been recognised by WeWork, who say they “could not recommend Greg and his team from Mahoneys Framing more highly.” WeWork also invites anyone who is interested in our services to browse the framing work at their company in Bourke St. So, drop in now and be inspired.

Contact Mahoneys Framing Now

Browse our online catalogue of frames now and find the perfect piece for you. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at any time by calling 0396421095 or emailing info@mahoneysframing.com.au.

If you want to see our frames in person, you can also come into our Melbourne store. Our address is 1/66 Hardware Lane in the CBD.