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War medals and other military service memorabilia are material representations of your family’s honour and pride. Instead of storing them in a dark room, flaunting them in the living room or in an open space in your home where others can easily see them is a good way to admire them.

After all, war medals and other service memorabilia that your family owns are the only remaining windows towards the past, a wonderful world of nostalgia—a beautiful reminder of how honourable your ancestors were and that they will always be a part of your family history and heritage.

Here at Mahoneys Framing, we understand the true value of your war medals and service memorabilia. That is why we make sure that from the moment you hand them over to us for custom framing, rest assured that your valued items are in good hands.

Custom Framing War Medals, Badges, and Identity Discs

Custom framing your valuables including war medals, badges, patches, plaques, military tags, uniforms, and other service memorabilia ensures your family’s history and service to your country are preserved and protected for many generations to come.

Custom framing your war medals, badges, identity discs, and other service memorabilia at Mahoneys Framing ensures that:

  • You will receive a superior quality frame made by our skilled artisans
  • All materials used for custom framing are acid-free which means your medals and other valuable items will not get easily damaged or discoloured by harmful acid and other chemicals.
  • We use special hinging techniques and adhesives as per request to secure your medals and other service
    memorabilia in the frame.
  • We offer UV glass cover to further protect your medals, badges, identity discs, and other items from the harmful
    effects of the sun.

Preserving your family’s pride and honour

We understand that you have your most cherished items that hold your family history and heritage and keeping your family’s military memorabilia like medals, badges, military tags, and even uniforms is a must.

The key to this is to protect them from the elements especially light and moisture by custom framing with UV glass covers. We have many glass options available like our conservation clear glass, this type of glass filters out 99% of the harmful UV light rays to help protect memorabilia, art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes from fading and deterioration. Museum glass provides the highest level of conservation and protects sentimental items while also giving you that crystal clear clarity because of its anti-glare coating, making it an excellent choice for framing your war medals and service memorabilia. Other popular UV glass like our 70% UV protection is also a good option to ensure protection against fading and discoloration of your memorabilia.

Experts in Medals and Memorabilia Framing
Over the past four decades in the framing industry, Mahoneys Framing has been offering custom framing solutions to a range of military items and service memorabilia including war medals, letters, badges, identity discs, plagues, uniforms, and more.

Here at Mahoneys Framing, our highly experienced framers and artists are willing to assist you with framing solutions for all of your war medals and military memorabilia so come visit us at 391 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne to experience our exceptional and premium quality framing services.

Or contact us directly at (03) 9642 1148 and have a talk with our master framers or one of our professional staff who are very excited to give you framing advice fitted for your requirements.

View our Frame Gallery for Inspiration
Custom framing materials for your war medals, badges, identity discs, patches, plaques, military tags, and uniforms should be of the highest quality. Our custom framing designs range from various works of art including medals for war veterans.

Take your gallery wall décor to the next level with some of our frame inspirations. Here is a portfolio of our past framing projects created for our clients.

Contemporary black 4cm width timber frame

Ornate gold timber frame

Contemporary Tasmanian oak box frame

Contemporary white 4cm width timber frame