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Large Picture Frames: Tips & Suggestions

Last Modified On February 8th, 2018

At Mahoneys Framing, we can custom frame large picture frames of up to 2.5×2.5m. We also have a range of large picture frames in ready made sizes, making the process even quicker and easier. Most people who are trying to frame large pictures can find the process difficult because most stores only offer frames up to certain sizes. At Mahoneys, we have framed a large variety of sizes and objects, so we are sure to meet your specific needs.

Large picture frames are often used for artworks, panoramic photography or custom objects, such as tapestry. Framing large pictures can make a dramatic statement and create a memorable piece.

Selecting Large Picture Frames For Your Artwork

First of all, follow the same process as picking frames for average sized pictures. Start by thinking about whether the moulding will match the colour and style of your image.

For large pictures, we suggest going for a simple and sleek frame. This is because having a large frame as well as a large artwork could be overwhelming. We would also suggest using a narrower mat or framing the artwork all the way to the frame’s edge to completely cover the mat. In some cases, a mat can still work well with larger pieces, but often it can make the piece feel too overpowering and enclosing.

Hanging Large Picture Frames

*These are suggestions only, we do not take any responsibility for your hanging and strongly recommend using a professional. 

Hanging heavy pictures can often be the trickiest part of the whole framing process. We suggest getting a professional to hang your large picture for you, but if you decide to go ahead and do it yourself, we’ve compiled some handy tips for you.

It’s even more important with heavy artworks or pictures that you check your hanging method is suitable to your walls. For interior walls or drywalls, it’s important to find a stud where you can anchor the wall hook. To do this, simply knock on the different wall sections until you hear a section with more resonance and a dull thud. This means that there is a hollow space behind and the picture will be more securely hung in that section.

It will be extremely lucky if you find a stud in the exact place that you want to hang your picture. If you cannot find a stud, then use a toggle or wall anchor instead. These expand and spread pressure when installed, making it less likely that your artwork will fall. Toggle belts generally support weights of up to 22kg.

If you have wooden walls, then use fasteners for higher holding power. If you have thin wooden walls, then we would suggest using toggles to spread out pressure behind the wall.

You should always use screws instead of nails when hanging heavy pieces for greater support.

Contact Mahoneys Framing for Expert Advice

If you have any further questions about large picture frames, don’t hesitate to contact Mahoneys Framing on (03) 9642 1148 or by emailing We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also come into our store in the Melbourne CBD to browse our large picture frames in person, otherwise check out our online catalogue.

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