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If you love collecting musical items, you have every reason to frame them. Custom framing is the best way possible to immortalise your most cherished memorabilia and preserve your fondest memories. From autographed music albums or posters to signed guitars and other musical instruments, music memorabilia framing is a great way to show off the love you have for your favourite band or musician.

Custom framing your valuable items not only protects them from unwanted damage but is also a perfect way to preserve special memories or showcase your music collection and give your home a unique personality.

Music Memorabilia Framing at Mahoneys Framing
When looking for a place to have your favourite music memorabilia custom framed, it is crucial to find a reputable custom framer that can make your memorabilia piece shine. And because pre-made frames only have limited set of options, opting for custom frames is often the best choice. Mahoneys Framing custom frames different kinds of memorabilia such as a signed music album, poster, exclusive VIP lanyard or a ticket stub from your favourite band’s memorable concerts, vinyl records and many more.

From custom framing your music memorabilia to adding UV glass for fading protection, enhancing your music memorabilia is our ultimate goal. Mahoneys Framing will assist you in every step of your music memorabilia framing, our very own Master Framer Greg Mahoney is always ready to give you his impeccable framing advice free of charge. Greg is equipped with 45 years of experience and expertise in art and framing so rest assured your treasured memorabilia is in good hands.

Custom Framing your Music Posters
The good thing about designing your own frames is that you have all the freedom to choose any size, colour and design that will perfectly fit your pieces. Mahoneys Framing lets you express your style in the best way and keep your most treasured memorabilia in its best version.

For over four decades of delivering custom frames for various works of art, Mahoneys Framing is expert in framing different types of bands and music posters of various designs and sizes. From the standard-sized music posters to the smallest kinds, you can now preserve your collection of music posters and display them gloriously.

Mahoneys Framing also turns digital copies of your music posters into hard copies that you can physically touch and appreciate. All you have to do is to bring your USB drive on your next store visit or simply send the file via email and we can do the rest of the printing and framing process for you. For a more hassle-free framing experience, we can collect your memorabilia and deliver them back to your doors already framed and ready to hang!

Experts in Music Memorabilia Framing
With 45 years of experience in art and framing, Mahoneys Framing has been offering custom framing solutions to a range of music memorabilia including music posters, vinyl records, album artworks, concert posters and tickets, instrument paraphernalia, signed photographs, and more.

Our talented and approachable frame professionals are excited to speak with you and assist you on your next framing project. Come visit us at 391 Little Bourke Street (corner of Hardware Lane and Little Bourke Street), Melbourne to experience our unmatched framing services.

You can also contact us directly at (03) 9642 1148, our professional staff are always excited to give you framing advice fitted for your request.

View our Frame Gallery for Inspiration
Spice up your wall decor and find some inspiration from our frame gallery. Find frames that can be your next framing project—from mid-century aesthetics to modern-day designs, everything is here at Mahoneys Framing.

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