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Do you have a nostalgic sports jersey that you highly value and you know it deserves more than being kept in a drawer collecting dust? Sports memorabilia like AFL jerseys and jumpers are fantastic pieces to feature in our homes or offices. Custom framing is a great way to preserve their value and the fun memories that come with this memorabilia. Not only does custom framing keep them in their best condition but it also allows your sports memorabilia like your AFL jerseys and jumpers to be presented in the most special way.

Design your own AFL Jersey/Jumper Frame

We understand that as a sports fan, you must have shown your support in various ways for your favourite team and players, like getting hold of a signed jersey or jumper. It can also be a jersey worn by one of your athletes or a jersey with your favourite player’s number. Either way, AFL jerseys or sports uniforms are surely magnificent pieces to display on your wall.

You can create your own personal dream team by designing your own custom frames for your most treasured AFL jersey, jumper, or other sports memorabilia. With custom framing, you have full control over the frame choice, the glass cover to be used, the mat board colour and the material for the backing.

Frame Mouldings/Frame

In designing the best-fitted frame for your AFL jerseys and jumpers, it is important to understand that frame mouldings should be strong enough to support the weight of your sports memorabilia. With custom framing from Mahoneys Framing, you can choose whether to opt for simple and elegant frame mouldings or have them styled in vibrant-coloured mouldings.

Glass Covers

At Mahoneys Framing, we offer various types of UV glass covers that can protect your piece from fading. From traditional regular glass to non- reflective UV Museum glass, you can choose a glass that suits your budget. To ensure that your jersey stays vibrant, we recommend using Museum glass because of its 99% UV protection and unmatched clarity making it the ultimate protection for your sports memorabilia.

Glass Covers

Here at Mahoneys Framing, all our matboard selections are made with acid-free materials so they will not cause any discolouration, keeping your jersey’s quality as good as the day you got it. With our wide variety of colours and sizes to choose from, you can match the perfect mat boards that suit your jersey.

Backing Boards

When custom framing your AFL jerseys and jumper, you can pick the type of backing boards to be used. Our recommendation is an acid- free foam core because it is lightweight and keeps your jersey preserved.

Other than your favourite AFL jerseys and jumpers, Mahoneys Framing also offers custom framing for your other sports memorabilia. If you need any framing advice, our talented and approachable team are excited to have a talk with you and assist you on your next framing project. Come visit us at 391 Little Bourke Street (corner of Hardware Lane and Little Bourke Street), Melbourne to experience our unmatched framing services.

You can also contact us directly at (03) 9642 1148 and have a talk with our Master Framer or one of our professional staff who are very excited to give you framing advice fitted for your jersey.

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